Thursday, May 1, 2014

Many search buttons have tried to please me in my numerous attempts to gather pieces to satisfy my imagination or virtual shopping bags (where purchases rarely get executed).  I look for pieces of clothing, accessories, art, stuff that seem to be either creeping up in the fashion category or somewhere in my unconscious.  It´s like trying to predict what I think will be trending soon based on stuff I notice showing up in subtle ways.  Sometimes trends show up from the bottom up, as when I detect something in street fashion or art.  Other times, future trends waltz the runways of a high fashion house (best if it´s an obscure label) ahead of their time and before they actually trespass to more commercial avenues.  The search button has not yet answered my questions.  I do get something, but I´m not quite there yet.  I´ll keep looking and follow up on this post to let you know if I´m still curious, if something worthwhile showed up, or if I changed my mind about it entirely.

... off the shoulder dress or shirt
... tule and gingham ice skate-style dress
... insect jewelry
... clogs
... oversized denim vest (to wear over sheer maxi tulle skirt)
... structured cape dress
… denim culottes


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