Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I used to travel for business and roomed with fabulous girls whom I now call friends.  Traveling and rooming together tests a handful of character traits and teaches you al lot about other people´s patience, packing modes, timing, and general customs.
For instance, one of my usual roomies would go to the nines with her pajamas.  I´m telling you, full nightgown and matching robe.  Items that, to me, belonged in a honey moon paraphernalia kit, not a business trip.  While I was in my worn out t-shirt and boxer shorts, I felt envious of her luxurious and stylish after-hours repertoire.  But how could I pull off this elevated state of sleep attire? Will I miss-match the gown-to-robe look in the first pull of the drawer?  Is this behavior sustainable?  In my mind I had the peasant-to-princess conundrum played out every time we roomed.  I decided to try it out slowly, but got carried away by the soft silks and imperative to pretend I always cared so much.  So I bought 3 bags full of pastel and lace fabric.  To be honest, I´ve never looked back.  I don´t miss my old attire at all.  So I curtsy to my friend who taught me that what you wear can take you to a dream land, even in between the sheets.  


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