Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Three months have gone by and I am still not able to pull the trigger on a clutch that I´d like.  Ok, not exactly.  I like too many! So choosing one became a rather scientific endeavor.  After I narrowed down what I didn´t want, the choice was not getting any easier.  I was to steer away from the too-seasonal rafia, from anything close to being an evening clutch, and stand guard of the lethal uniform-match-with-anything piece.  Not soon enough, I caught myself missing the point!  I was engulfed in a cold process devoid of the whimsy and spontaneity.  The scariest I felt of my draconian attitude was when I was looking at the fabulous and literary Olympia Le Tan clutches.  I was actually considering the color schemes and limited quantities of the models.  I mean these are beauties in their own right, and favoring solely by color combo is the exact equivalent of reading book because the cover matches your outfit.

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